Friday, February 15, 2013

How To Handle Your Crying Newborn

If you are a first time parent, then caring for your newborn can seem like a very daunting task. It is totally natural to feel totally overwhelmed and most parents worry that they are not up to the job at hand. It is a huge responsibility to have to take care of another human being, especially one so tiny! One of the main issues that new parents struggle to cope with is understanding their baby's cries.

All babies cry - and they do so a lot of the time! Crying is the first method of communication that a bay learns and it can be difficult at first to understand the different cries and what they mean. Sometimes it might seem as though your little one is just inconsolable and nothing you can do will stop them from wailing. However, perhaps these tips abut the three most common reasons a baby might cry can help you to understand what the problem is.

Mommy! I'm Hungry!

The most common reason for a baby to cry is hunger. A newborn has a tiny little stomach which cannot hold much, so even if he or she was fed recently it is always best to check if the baby is hungry again when the crying starts. It is usually possible to tell the difference between hungry crying and other crying, but it may take a little time to learn the different sounds. If your baby is being breastfed then it is often the case that the mother's breast will leak milk when the baby cries to be fed. This is the body's natural response.

I Just Want To Cry!

Have you ever, either as a child or and adult, felt overcome with emotion and wanted to burst into tears? The answer will probably be yes and sometimes your baby might feel that way too. It is especially common for this to happen in the afternoon or early evening and it need not necessarily mean that anything is wrong. You should expect some periods of unexplained crying and it is only really an issue if the crying becomes continuous.

Cuddle Me Please!

Babies require lots of physical contact, especially form Mom and Dad. If your baby is crying and is not hungry, then it could be that he or she is craving some contact. Try to pick the baby up and comfort her. It is common for parents to use a baby sling or to simply rock the bay in their arms. Singing might also be of help. Many new parents are wary of spoiling their baby by holding her too often, but it is not really possible in the early months - in fact it will improve bonding.

These are just a few of the common reasons why your baby might be crying. It is a natural stage of a newborn's life and it is all part of caring for your newborn.

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