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Four Tips When Considering Your Babies Sleep

For generations, the cry-it-out method has been touted as the overriding technique for tired parents everywhere to get their children to sleep, however, this is no longer the best method. It's best to take stock of your baby's temperament, and make sure that each of the main issues your infant's life revolves around are taken care of to get the most out of sleeping babies.

Feeding Time

It's likely infants are being fed too much. Feeding is a daytime activity. Stuffing your infant to sleep or allowing your infant to feed when waking at night causes stomach acids and other enzymes to take action. This is counter-productive when sleep is the desired effect. At night, offer enough food for your infant to not go hungry, and try to ween him or her off the nighttime feedings. This can be done by slowly substituting milk for water.

Sleep Schedule

Infants are expected to sleep too much. Use your intuition to read your infant's sleep patterns. Sleeping too much at nap time can deter from nighttime sleeping. The same can be said for the reverse. And make sure your baby gets to sleep before exhaustion sets in. A baby that is too tired will cry more and will struggle to settle for sleep.

Being Scared

Children do get scared, but make sure a child shows the signs of fear before intervening. Many children have learned to gain their parents attention by feigning fear. Look for shaking limbs, irritability and a general tension. An infant can say the word scared without really known its meaning.

Bedtime Routine

The idea of going to the bedroom is something a child should look forward to. Try and create a pleasant atmosphere by introducing a   rel=nofollow []sleep routine that ends with something pleasant in the child's room, such as reading a book or singing. Give yourself about 20-30 minutes to complete the routine, making sure it ends with your child in his or her pajamas and in bed. It's also not a good idea to allow a child to become too reliant on one aspect of a routine. If a child is used to being rocked, try something different, and change it up every once in a while.

Each infant is different, and finding what works may be difficult, but more often than not, taking stock of your child's temperament and using your parental instincts to come up with the best approaches to his or her health and happiness will allow for the best results.

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