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The 4 Most Important First Birthday Party Ideas

To celebrate your child's first birthday means preparing shortly after his or her birth. Your mind might now be flooded with ideas, thinking of the best ways to make your baby smile; however, making this party a success means planning way in advance and having the will to execute what you planned. Systematize your party ideas by asking for the active participation of your family members, relatives and friends. Of course, you wouldn't want troubles to occur at the last moment.

It Pays to Send Out Invites in Advance

There are many party invitation ideas to choose from. Since you are staging a party for your one-year old, it is best to concentrate on attractive and colorful designs on your cards. It is also a great idea to use your baby's cutest photograph.

The invitation will also stand out if you use famous quotes on babies or any children's short stories. You may also write your unforgettable memories with your child in the past 12 months.

Send your invitation cards early (preferably a few weeks in advance) so that the guests will be able to plot the party on their schedules. Neighboring guests can be personally handed some invitations while those that live far from your place can be reached through email or a phone call.

Conceptualize the Best Music and Food Ideas
What do children like when it comes to party food? Make sure to segregate the adult from the child menu. Children like burgers and finger foods while adults prepare a more serious meal. Do not forget to purchase a colorful birthday cake with a single candle. Ask for suggestions from your friends and relatives especially those who have already held first birthday parties for their children.

When it comes to music, there's just one choice - children's music, of course.

Work on a Theme

So this is a baby's birthday party that you are trying to set up, so what themes should be considered? For baby girls, the most common themes are Disney Princess, fairytale, other cartoon characters and any theme that makes use of a glaring pink color.

For boys, common first birthday party themes are include Disney's Cars; outer space and aliens; dinosaurs and other cartoon characters; and any theme that makes use of blue.

Think of Enticing Games

A kiddie birthday party is not a party at all without fun and entertainment. Games are always at the center of such parties. First birthday party game ideas include card games, song games, hide and seek, singing chairs, Simon Says, and board games.

At the end of the day, make sure to have everyone sing and greet the baby a Happy Birthday, give away party favors and wave an energetic goodbye to the guests; after all, this is your baby's first birthday and it can only happen once!

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