Friday, March 1, 2013

Useful Tips for Baby Names

Choosing the name of your baby is almost similar to choosing your child's identity. You probably heard that the name of a person is associated with his personality. Our names actually work that way. Similar to a cookie-cutter, a name molds the identity of a person. So if you want your child molded with a great personality, you better choose the best name for him or her. Your little angel deserves the best baby name. Read on to get some tips to get that for your child.

First, enough with the dictates of the family's tradition. Choosing the best baby name need not always depend on the opinion of elderly folks. After all, it is the name of your baby, not theirs. Remember, once the baby is born, he or she will be stuck with that name forever. It would not be wise to just settle for any name suitable to the taste of your elderly relatives.

Second, picture the future of your child. Would you want your child to always be called with a funny name that will put him or her on others ridicule for life or will let his or her playmates make your child a laughingstock? Obviously, you would not like that. A wise thing to do is to research on the prospective baby name you want to give your child. Never simply say yes to your instinct, try to follow a fad through naming your child after a celebrity or simply go with just about any name that pops in your head.

Third, you might want to read the initials of the prospective baby name you want your baby to have. This is a way to make sure that the initials do not stand for anything utterly stupid, disturbing, or funny. Some examples are Fran Ursula Catherine Klein, Alvin Stephen Stuart, and Christine Sue Irving. Just imagine how sickening the situation your child might get into when he or she grows up because of such a name.

Fourth, check the family tree. Some people still cannot get away from some traditions when it comes to deciding the baby name they will give for their child. If you are planning to still follow the tradition of naming a child after an elder relative or putting a part of the name of that person on your child's name, you should know whether there is anybody else in the family who is also using that name. Calling a name that is owned by two persons can be confusing for people. There is no harm in asking around.

Fifth, do not get too creative when thinking of the baby's name. Too much creativity can backfire. For instance, avoid extremely unique spellings. It will be difficult for the child to keep on spelling his or her name to people who are only familiar with the common spelling of that name.

Finally, choosing the best name for your sweet child should be a shared decision between you and your partner. This is a great way to further your bond as a couple. Moreover, this gives better chances to come up with a better name for your baby. "Two heads are always better than one" and the decision-making on your child's name is not an exemption to that.

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