Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 Tips For Potty Training Your Child

Finally, the time has come for your child to embark on an exciting journey into the unfamiliar world of potty training. The reward is another level of independence for you and your little one. Just think, no more having to change diapers every few hours or packing that huge diaper bag around. Also, (for the little one) no more having to rely on mom and dad to clean up the mess after answering to the call of nature. When it's all done you will both be much happier for countless reasons. However, there are a lot of different ideas out there regarding potty training your child and if you research the topic you can start to feel a bit overwhelmed and finding yourself asking "where do I start and who should I listen to?" Well, we have a few tips we would like to share with you to help clear up some of the confusion when it comes to potty learning.

Be Consistent - Research the different potty training methods and choose a plan that you will stick to. You have to be consistent with this method and its ways or you will confuse your child, frustrate the both of you, and they will make no progress. This is of greatest importance.

Use Teamwork - This goes hand in hand with being consistent. Whoever is taking care of your child (family members, the babysitter, daycare, etc.) needs to be consistent as well in the potty training methods you are using at home. You need to communicate with those care givers in order to share your potty training method with them.

Introduce The Potty Chair Early - This starts before you actually begin potty training. As soon as your child begins to show interest in the "big potty" (watching you go, trying to flush, talking about it or playing with it) you need to get them acquainted with their potty chair or toilet seat. You want your child to become familiar and comfortable with what they will use so they are ready to use it when the time comes.

Use Cloth Trainers - Cloth trainers help make the mental connection that wet = yucky. They are also eco-friendly and more cost effective. Using disposable trainers like Pull-Ups will actually extend the potty training time frame because to your child, they feel much like the diapers they are used. Not to mention disposable trainers take hundreds of years to decompose and are constructed with harmful chemicals that will leach into your child's body. You don't want those chemicals causing harm to your little one.

Be Patient And Positive - The potty training process will test your patience and your attitude. You must remain patient knowing that your child will learn how to use the toilet on their own through positive reinforcement. Avoid punishing your child if they have an accident and direct them to the toilet instead, as soon as possible. Having a positive attitude will transfer to your child and you will be rewarded with positive results.

When you and your little one follow these simple tips you will find the entire potty training process a whole lot less stressful and bunches more successful.

Happy potty learning!

Steph Evans

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