Saturday, April 20, 2013

8 Tips For Getting Your Toddler To Sleep

Getting your toddler to sleep can be a difficult task sometimes. I want to share some quick and easy tips with you in this article. I hope you find them helpful.

#1. Active Daytime. Toddlers are full of energy. Make sure they have plenty of play time during the day. Let them tire themselves out so that by bedtime they will be ready for sleep.

#2. Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Sugary foods, especially in the evening can keep your toddler awake. Even fruit can be a no go when it's getting near bed time. Watch what you give your child to drink. Make sure it's nothing sugary. This benefits their health in general and it will make going to bed so much easier.

#3. Regular naps. Regular naps are essential for toddlers. If your child is on a regular napping schedule they won't be over tired come night time.

#4. Comfort object. Toddlers need to feel safe and secure to be able to go to sleep. Make sure their special stuffed animal or blanket is close by at night to keep their fears at bay.

#5. Bedtime Routine. Having a regular bedtime routine that is strictly followed can help get your toddler to sleep. Once you've had dinner, you can give them a bath. This is relaxing and can get your toddler ready to go to sleep soon. Follow this with brushing their teeth and getting their pajamas on. Tuck your child into bed and read them a story. Sticking to a routine is so important. Don't extend bath time or read them more than one or two stories. Now it's time to get them to sleep. Reassure them that they're safe and you are close by if they need you.

#6. Warm milk. Try warm milk if your toddler is thirsty near bed time.

#7. Calm and relaxed. Your toddler shouldn't be doing anything too exciting before bed. Once you've started their bedtime routine everything about it should be calm. When you're putting your toddler to bed, the lights should be dimmed or have a night light on.

#8. Be patient. Don't let your child see you getting stressed. You need to remain calm and reassuring. It may take a few tries every night to get your toddler to sleep. This is normal and you should try not to let it get to you. You're not doing anything wrong. Just stick to it.

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