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Tips on When to Start Potty Training

Generally speaking, a child learns to get comfortable with a potty around their 2nd year but like every other aspect of a child's development, each one is different. So the question when to start potty training depends on the child's readiness.

Until around 20 months, a child's bladder empties often, which makes them hard to hold their personal necessities long enough to go to a toilet. Also, it is around this time that a child learns to dress and undress himself.

Other parents prefer to potty train their kids during summer when they are more comfortable to go around the house clad with fewer clothes. If by summer your child isn't ready yet, don't try to force him. When to start potty training will now depend on your observations on your child's readiness.

It is found that boys take a longer time to learn since they also have to learn to urinate while standing up. Other family members should show him the correct way to go.

Here are some signs when to start potty training.
A child could be ready to be toilet trained if he is able to stay dry for around 2 hours every day.

If your child becomes interested when you or any of the family members go to the toilet, it could be a good sign when to start potty training.

When you notice that your child has regular bowel movements, for example, after breakfast.

If your child can show you that he is currently having a bowel movement by using gestures or sound, it is a good time.

When your child is able to let you know that he wants his nappy changed when it is soiled, he is also showing signs when to start potty training.

When your child is able to pull his/her pants up and down, introducing her to the toilet now could be the best time.

These signs are usually seen when the child is around 18 to 24 months. But it isn't common to see 2 to 3-year old kids still in their diapers.

There might be signs when to start potty training, there are also some signs for waiting to do the training some other time.

Here are some of them:

If there is a new baby coming to the family.

When trying to move your child from the cot to a bed, it's maybe time to put off wondering when to start potty training.

If you are transferring to a new place, postpone toilet training first.

If the family is experiencing some relationship problems, it's best to set aside time in the future.

Remember that your child is different from other children, so comparing him to others is not at all helpful. If your neighbor's child with the same age as yours can already use the toilet while yours can't, don't try to rush and pressure your child to learn to go to the toilet in no time. Teaching him in a rush can be more harmful than advantageous. Your child can develop toilet anxiety, which can be difficult to correct.

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