Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fun and Safety at Bathtime

Bath time can be a fun time but also needs to be a safe time. There are so many fun toys, such as toy boats, bubbles, rubber ducks, foam letters and animals that stick to the bathtub and even shaving cream. Most kids love the water and like to have lots of fun along with knowing how to be safe. Precautions that should be taken at bath time are water level and temperature, proper bathtub accessories, supervision, and checking for hazards such as electrical items in the bathroom.

For water level and temperature, care should be taken to only fill the bathtub to the level of the child's waist when they are sitting in the tub. The temperature of the water should be tested just as you would check the temperature of a baby's warmed bottle, with the inside of your wrist. It should be comfortable and soothing to your skin, which will then feel the same to the child taking a bath. A child will tell you if the water may feel a little cool or warm when they step in with their toes. Sometimes a water faucet can turn hot when running water for the bath. A solution to this is to purchase a faucet cover. Some department stores sell covers in cute shapes and colors, so in addition to safety from the hot faucet, this can also be entertaining to a young child. Other safety accessories such as bath mats and decals can be purchased so a child will not slip in the tub.

Children should always be supervised from the time the child gets in the tub until they are out of the bath and dried off. Having a mat or rug on the outside of the tub will prevent slipping also. Keep all electrical appliances such as heaters or hair dryers out of the reach of the tub. Most have safety features that allow them to turn off immediately if they come in contact with water. Even with this safety feature, it is advised to keep them away from any water.

One of the most fun things to have in the bathtub are bubbles. Bubbles are a clean and easy toy that most every child loves. They can be bubbles that grow in the tub when poured into the running water and also bubbles that are made with a wand and bubble solution. Bubbles are sure to make your child's bath time fun. Another clean and fun "toy" is shaving cream. Shaving cream can be mixed with food coloring and used as paint in the tub. It can also just be left white and the child can be very creative, making sculptures, wall paintings, and maybe even beards and other funny things. This brings out a child's artistic ability and creativity at a young age, and also gets them clean at the same time! Foam letters and animals are also a great bath time toy, for both fun and learning at the same time. They stick to the wall and the tub and usually come in bright colors. The letters can teach young children sounds and words, and also encourages creativity.

Bath time can be a fun time and also be a time for bonding between a parent and child. As a parent, your goal is to make "tubby time" a daily activity that a child looks forward to. By having some fun toys and practicing safety at the same time, it can be enjoyable for all.

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